About Us

We are a veteran owned and operated company established in January 2018.

Our bargain concept: Bring everyday products to your fingertips at an affordable price.

The idea of Bargain Concept came to us while we were out Christmas shopping, we found ourselves asking, "why is everything so expensive these days?" Now, we knew we weren't the only ones asking that question, we weren't the only family having to live paycheck to paycheck. So here we are, three people who got tired of spending high dollars that we don't have, on items that we need to survive in this society. Whether it be household goods, furniture, clothes, toys, electronics, etc. So we decided to take a stand, for us it was time to take these products that breaks the bank of every average family household and cut their retail prices down. We provide a wide variety of products at a discounted price, I guess you could say we are kinda like Wal-Marts step cousin.