Rose Flower Petals Facial Mask Moisturizing Whitening Skin Care

  • $4.99



    • Effect:moisturizing, oil control, exfoliation, lower pores, moisturizing, effectively improve dull rough skin. the use of high-technology extraction operation, regulate oil secretion, reduce acne from producing and repair thedamaged protecting the skin. cool, help reduce youthful fun, to help lower pores, prevent acne.

    • Capacity: 120g

    • Genre: Unisex

    • Method of use:
      use clean nose cleansing products and cover the area around the pores and make with hot towels T Expansion, then clean cleanser.
      3-5 minutes after the will clean, take adequate amount of mask a black spot stain on the skin.
      stay 10-15 minutes dry, top-down remove the mask with water.
      clean the surrounding, after drying the coated pores compact products can be.

    • Note:keep cool and dry place to avoid,avoid direct sunlight and high temperature, to avoid the infantile touchthis product has been tested through skin suitable for all skin types